Fall Decor with Scrapbook paper in 2 minutes

So I realized this fall that i have NO fall decor. So what's a girl to do? Use what she has! I put autumn-ish scrapbook paper in all the frames in our home! Above is example A. So feeling un-festive? just find some scrapbook paper!

Stamp Camp Ornament

So I decided that rather than coming up with new ideas for stamp camp, that i would just use my ideas for cards and gifts for this Christmas! This was my ornament idea--I was going to use some blues and silvers but i really like how this one turned out! I just curled the 1/6" strips around a pencil, slipped 6 of them in the glass ornament, and added fun ribbon and a tag! The ornaments were about $3 at my local craft store for 5 of them. I'm definitely going back for more!! A very frugal gift idea:) Happy stamping!!


Christmas Stamp Camp Saturday!

I'm having my Christmas Stamp Camp this Saturday, November 7th @ 1 PM at our home in Woodbridge! Here are the three cards we'll be making. We will also make an ornament and scrapbooked gift (no photos yet:) ) Hope to see you there--let me know if you can make it!